Uscis priority dates august 2016

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The chart below tells the story in detail: A. APPLICATION FINAL ACTION DATES FOR FAMILY -SPONSORED PREFERENCE CASES World China India Mexico Philippines 1st 2A 2B 3rd 4th B. DATES FOR FILING FAMILY -SPONSORED VISA APPLICATIONS World China India Mexico Philippines 1st 1-01. Uscis priority dates august 2016 These foreign-born individuals were trained by the IT workers whose jobs they replaced. Court Rules against Federal Governments Efforts to Detain Children. The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled against the detention of immigrant children.

If a person is inadmissible for other reasons (i.e., fraud, criminal convictions, etc. he can not apply for an I-601A provisional waiver. If you have questions about the new regulation, please see our I-601A Frequently Asked Questions page. USCIS Stakeholder Session with Leon Rodriguez On August 11, the USCIS will hold a stakeholder session with USCIS Director Leon Rodriguez. The session will focus on the initiatives of the USCIS as well as address any concerns stakeholders may have. Some companies have contracted with 3rd-party employers to employ foreign-born workers on H-1B visas to replace US workers. Clinton specifically referred to the Disney case where 250 IT workers were let go and replaced with foreign-born workers. It is written by a former INS Trial Attorney (1976-82) with over 40 years of experience practicing immigration law. Published by the Law Offices of Carl Shusterman, 600 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 1550, Los Angeles, California, 90017. DATES FOR FILING OF EMPLOYMENT -BASED VISA APPLICATIONS World China India Mexico Philippines 1st Current Current Current Current Current 2nd Current Current Current 3rd Current Current Unskilled Current Current 4th Current Current Current Current Current Religious Current Current Current Current Current 5th Current Current Current Current FAMILY CATEGORIES Worldwide Family-Based. Us green card dv 2016

October 2016 Visa Bulletin EB-1 and EB-2 ROW Current Again

Temporary Protective Status Extended for El Salvador On July 7, the USCIS announced an extension of i-470 uscis temporary protective status mexican immigration to usa push and pull factors immigration (TPS) for certain El Salvadoreans for an additional 18 months. Applications must lant pritchett immigration lawyer be submitted by September 6, 2016.

Guideline for parents

Uscis priority dates august 2016 It will cover topics that are of interest to the African Immigrant Community. Topics such as temporary protected status and family-based immigration will be addressed. 1. Expansion of I-601A Provisional Waiver Program Back in 1996, a law was passed which penalizes persons who incurred a certain period of unlawful presence.

The report faults the federal government for failing to provide adequate information and services to help veterans complete their form applications for naturalization. Extension and Redesignation of Syria for Temporary Protected Status.

One of the best options is to sponsor Canadian RNs who are looking for jobs in the US. Clinton: Its heartbreaking when IT workers must train their H-1B replacements. In an interview, Hillary Clinton discussed the issue of American workers training their immigrant replacements. Expansion of I-601A Provisional Waiver Program 2. State Department Visa Bulletin for August 2016 3. Immigration Government Processing Times 4. Success Story: You Get What You Pay For! 5. Immigration Trivia Quiz: Immigrant Writers 6.

A report predicts that the backlog will soon grow to my tivo activate nz immigration over one million. Persons with approvable asylum cases must wait for uscis number on passport years to brac university uscis be reunited their spouses and children. It takes many years to deport persons with criminal records.

the EB-2 category retrogresses for persons born in China and India by 6 1/2 years. We expect that this new regulation will enable tens of thousands of persons to come out of the shadows and apply for green cards. Shustermans Upcoming Immigration Seminars 9. Ask Mr. Shusterman: Our New Phone-Friendly Website 8. As a result, temporary Protective Status for certain Syrian nationals present in the US for an additional 18 months. Thousands of people chose to remain undocumented in the US rather than be separated from their family members for a prolonged period of time. In 2013, a regulation was published which allowed spouses and sons and daughters of US citizens who had accumulated unlawful presence in the. Jobs Green Cards for RNs MedTechs: Free Legal Help! The Department of Homeland Security has extended the. EB-3 and EB-5 remain frozen in August while India EB-2 and EB-3 advance by 2 weeks each. EB-5 Investors: Questions to Ask an EB-5 Project 7. Immigration Court Backlog Surpasses 500,000 Pending Cases Less than 300 Immigration Judges across the US are burdened with over half a million deportation cases. China EB-2, remember that I-601A provisional waivers apply only to persons who are inadmissible from the US because of unlawful presence.

If the Webs most popular e-mail newsletter regarding U.S. Twenty One, Number Six SHUSTERMANS IMMIGRATION UPDATE is subject to waiver of unlawful presence year or 10-year bar. Jobs in the bar using form I-601 if can apply registered nurses.

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The problem was that the 2013 regulation did not allow spouses and sons and daughters of green card holders to apply for provisional waivers. However, the new regulation published by the USCIS last week will soon allow them to do so.

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